Who is Pasture Coach ITC?

Pasture Coach In The Cloud (ITC) is a product of Agsoft Solutions Limited, which is a New Zealand owned business.

Pasture Coach In The Cloud (ITC) Logo

What is Pasture Coach ITC?

Pasture Coach ITC is a simple pasture management app that runs on computers running the Windows operating system only and backs up your data to the cloud. The software lets you enter and record your grass covers. From here you can see which paddocks have the highest grass covers by looking at a feed wedge.

Features of Pasture Coach ITC

The following are the highlights of the Pasture Coach ITC features:

  • Feed wedges
  • Rotation calculator
  • Pasture yields
  • Pasture covers
  • Pasture growth rates

Pros and Cons of Pasture Coach ITC

Pasture Coach ITC is handy if you want a simple app and aren't confident in using a spreadsheet. Their core principle is "keep it simple and make it work for everyone". A limitation is the lack of features and minimal updates with no where to store grazing activities. Though it is limited to Windows based computers, it does backup to the cloud, which is pretty cool for that unexpected hard drive failure.

Update: 14/02/2019

It has come to our attention that Pasture Coach ITC now has an app and can store grazing activities. Although we haven't confirmed this or tried out these features we wish you happy farming :)

What are your experiences?

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