Automate your pasture readings

With zero labour automate your readings
Get daily satellite flyovers + weather updates
Intelligent design using neural networks
Going beyond the limitations of NDVI
Your farm records improve the algorithms
Record and plan your farming with precision

Your pasture measured while you're busy farming satellite readings paddock NDVI map for determining biomass and growth rates

Automate your grazing records

Grazing decisions should be effective
Know where and when you grazed
Know where to graze next
Plan your grazings for the week
Optimise your stocking rate
Match pasture growth with growth rate

Stressless grazing decisions and record upkeep

Track your farm's performance

Interact with dynamic predictive feed wedge
Growth rate and leaf emergence forecasts
View reports in lists, charts, and map
Keep track of your pasture grazing KPIs

Get key feedback from your farm dashboard, daily.

Macbook Pasture IO Farm Dashboard Ration Builder

A decision support tool on all your devices

Recall and utilise your records
Pinpoint paddock performance
Record essential records
Move onto your other important tasks

Digitally store your farm records, safely.

Feed your livestock properly every time

Feeding animals should be simple
Maximise the nutritional value of your feed
Enhance your livestock performance
Better utilise your pasture and supplements
Make timely and effective grazing decisions

Give your animals what they deserve

Paddock activities fertiliser spraying harvesting and grazing maps farm paddock mapping made practical

Easily allocate accurate pasture breaks

Easy farm mapping is all yours
Easily allocate your pasture breaks
Measure area, length and edit
Select your paddocks to graze
Communicate easily with contractors
Quickly plan out temporary fencing

Your farm map at your fingertips

Automated Pasture Measurements

200+ satellites delivering exceptional reliability
Near daily flyovers for increased deliverability
Machine Learning modelling from satellite, climate and farm records
Artificial Intelligence backed on cloudy days
Satellite-enhanced on clear and partial cloud cover days
Historic + current + forecast growth rates, covers & leaf appearance

Every. Single. Day.

Satellites orbiting the globe that provide automatic pasture measurements. farm management application

Your All-Inclusive Farm Management Platform

Your data, your way with maps, tables, charts, calendars, export to spreadsheets, PDF, you name it!
Paddock history, analyse very single activity, event, note, task and pasture reading
Farm calendar you can subscribe to activity types on your phone or computer
Grazing management with every herd's full history and easier, faster decisions on where to graze next
Fert, planting, and sprayings deeply integrated full data capture and third-party imports. Visual cues to avoid grazing withheld paddocks.
Unlimited data utilisation, the more records you add, the better the A.I. can learn your farm with unlimited paddock and herd records and user access.

Your farm map at your fingertips

Get extra support if you need

Work with a dedicated account manager
Reachable via phone, email and in-app
Be provided with more than just help
Leave feedback and watch the platform grow
Detailed instructional videos throughout
We grow with you, support and welcome you

Friendly and responsive support fertiliser and paddock record keeping made quick

Used by leading farmers

Our growing global community of Pio-neering farmers sign up to unlock efficiency in growing and managing pasture.

We've calculated we’re making between $60,000-$80,000 extra a year by getting it right using
For me, this program has been a game changer here in New Zealand and for the world. Other programs don’t do what does. I wouldn’t think of using anything else.
These (satellite) measurements are accurate and of higher frequency. As a result, we can make better and timely decisions to prevent feed shortages and increase production.
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Tasmanian Export Awards Winner 2023
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Most Innovative Pasture Management Solution 2020 Award
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You're just a few steps away from setting up your farm with map. Whether you choose our advanced farm management app or enhance it with near daily satellite flyovers, our tech wizards are ready to bring your farm into the future.