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Stuart Burr - Ringarooma (Tasmania)

Ever wanted a snapshot of your farm’s performance?
We've made dashboards informative

Predictive feed wedge

Historical cover and growth

Pasture grazing KPI's

Interactive farm map dashboards made informative
We've designed a dashboard that gives you constant feedback for improving your business.
Ever find yourself under pressure to find a paddock to graze?
We've made grazings easy

Import your pasture readings

Plan your grazings for the week

Print your grazing plan grazings made easy
We remove the constant stress of where to graze your herd 365 days of the year. makes the most out of my weekly farm walks and I'm really happy with the results.

Leslie Quarrell - Trowutta (Tasmania)

Ever wonder where you last spread fert?
We've made record keeping quick

Enter your farm records

Recall and utilise your records

Move onto your other farm tasks record keeping made quick
We safely and securely store your farm records for your peace of mind.
Ever find yourself trying to figure out accurate pasture breaks?
We've made mapping practical

Easily allocate pasture breaks

Measure area, length and edit

Select paddocks to graze or fertilise

Communicate with contractors and employees mapping made practical
We've integrated mapping all the way through our platform for your precision.
Ever wonder if your herd nutritional requirements are being met?
We've made nutrition simple

Maximise the nutritional value of your feed

Enhance your herd's performance

Utilise more pasture Ration Builder
We've fused nutrition into farm management for giving you bang for your buck. not only helps me manage to grow and graze pasture, but also assists in ration balance for optimised feed intakes and maximised use of inputs.

Richard Duniam - Sisters Creek (Tasmania)

Ever wanted extra support getting started with new tech?
We've made support human

Reachable via phone, email and in-app

Be provided with more than just help

Leave feedback and watch the platform grow mapping made practical

Get in touch however suits you best.

We’ve integrated support right through the platform to get you comfortable from the get-go.

Thanks to, we are growing more feed and it is generally of a better quality.

Michael McNamara - Calder (Tasmania)

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