Wherever you are in the world...
Imagine your pasture being measured while you're busy farming.

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Say goodbye to regular pasture measurements and...
Say hello to automatic updates of your feed wedge with ZERO labour.

Ever wonder how accurate your eye is?

  • For farmers who want the best numbers

  • Greater accuracy than a plate meter!
    Mean absolute error 56 Kgs
  • Consistently out measuring your eye!
    Regression analysis R2 = 0.89
  • More measurements per week than sleep-ins!
    Average frequency of measurements = 3.3 days
Highly accurate satellite pasture measuring

We've taken away the guess work with an accurate measurement.

Ever wonder what the future looks like?

  • We've made a new age of smarts

  • Intelligent design with machine learning
  • Boring farm records are now meaningful
  • Automatic computations with zero labour
  • Think neural networks
Pasture.io grazings made easy

We've designed a brain that does all the hard work for you.

Ever look up to the sky and see a satellite fly-by?

  • Our Pioneer farmers push new horizons

  • Up to daily satellite pasture measurements?
    We talk to more than 150 satellites.
  • Resolution smaller than COVID-19 restrictions?
    We use satellites with 3m2 pixels.
  • Can skygazing ever be more fun?
    You can track the satellites within the app.
Highly accurate satellite pasture measuring

You can now take on mission control from your computer.

Ever wonder how remote measurements stack up?

  • We've made consistency king

  • Consistent comparing satellites to other devices
    Daily flights, higher definition and reliability
    Artificial intelligence equals accuracy
    Hawk's eye precision on pasture
Pasture.io dashboards made informative

We've taken a grounded perspective to get the best results for you.

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