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Photo of Oliver our in-house (ex) dairy farmer from a family dairy farm where the grass is always green

Oliver Roberts

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Oliver leads the charge in revolutionising pasture management, turning grass into greener profits for farmers.

Bronnie Grieve our Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer

Bronnie Grieve

Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer


Bronnie cultivates growth strategies with a flair, seeding success in agtech landscapes worldwide.

Photo of David, our senior developer behind our farm apps

David Bennett

Head of Machine Learning

David harnesses the power of machine learning to help farmers grow smarter, not harder.

Elle Deudney our Head of Sales and Customer Success

Elle Deudney

Head of Sales & Customer Success

Elle champions customer success, sowing seeds of sales excellence in the fertile fields of agtech.

DC our Operations Manager

DilipSingh Chauhan (DC)

Operations Manager


DC orchestrates operations with precision, ensuring the smooth running of agtech innovations from paddock to profit.

Hendra our Senior Web Developer

Hendra Nicholas

Senior Web Developer


Hendra crafts digital pastures, coding robust web solutions for greener, tech-savvy farming futures.

James Dance our Account Manager in Customer Success

James Dance

Account Manager (Customer Success)


James harmonises customer relations, fine-tuning account management to the rhythm of agricultural success.

Waseem Anwar

Web Developer


Waseem weaves web wonders, planting pixels that harvest user-friendly experiences in agtech.

Gabriella Moric our Digital Communicator and Customer Success

Gabriella Moric

Digital Communicator (Customer Success)

Gabriella amplifies agtech tales, digitally connecting farmers to success stories with charisma and clarity.

Ali Hassan our Social Media Manager

Ali Hassan

Social Media Manager


Ali cultivates an engaging online presence, sowing social media strategies that bloom into farmer-focused communities.

Jake Orozco our Full Stack Digital Marketer

Jake Orozco

Full-Stack Digital Marketer


Jake blends marketing magic across platforms, growing's digital footprint from root to tip.

Deasy Indrawati our Machine Learning Engineer

Deasy Indrawati

Machine Learning Engineer


Deasy engineers the future of farming, fusing machine learning with agrarian insights for smarter pastures.

John Thornley is our New Zealand Sales Representative

John Thornley

Sales Representative

New Zealand

John pitches agtech solutions with a Kiwi twist, cultivating fruitful relationships across New Zealand's pastoral plains.

Gerald Barker is our South African Sales Representative

Gerald Barker

Sales Representative

South Africa and Tanzania

Gerald nurtures sales in South Africa, sowing seeds of tech innovation in the rich terrain of African agriculture.

Thomas Roberts our Acting Chief FInancial Advisor

Thomas Roberts

Acting Chief Financial Advisor


Thomas navigates the financial fields, steering towards fertile fiscal landscapes with savvy acumen.

Dr Juan Molfino our Acting Chief Systems Advisor

Dr Juan Molfino

Acting Chief Systems Advisor


Dr Juan synthesises systems strategy, applying scientific insights to shepherd's technological landscape.

Dr Rohan Sadler our Acting Chief Analytics Advisor

Dr Rohan Sadler

Acting Chief Analytics Advisor


Dr Rohan analyses data with a farmer's touch, turning numbers into actionable insights for greener pastures. logo Pty Ltd

ABN 44 629 889 292

We love hearing from you, so get in touch with us and join us on the following social media platforms.

From humble beginnings...

Photo looking across paddocks of green grass and dairy cows at Robin Hill in Flowerdale

Our vision first started in 2005 on a family dairy farm in the picturesque Flowerdale Valley on the North-West Coast of Tasmania.

Oliver, our founder and CEO of and a dairy farmer by trade, realised that there was no other pasture management platform available that allowed him to fully utilise his pasture measurement data for making the best-informed grazing decisions.

Oliver established the solution and by 2014, was officially established.

Our company recruited a team of scientists and software engineers to create the first-ever integrated pasture management platform for farmers – a product that has evolved into what we have today – a world-class automatic pasture measurement and grazing application.

Since we released the world's first satellite pasture measurement in 2018, has continued expanding into grass growing regions worldwide. This pivot away from manual pasture measurements was a true turning point in our company and drives the current direction of what we do.

Farming is a tough gig and at, we all know this. Our company has this at the forefront in delivering our services. The difficulties presented to farmers is what we're trying to solve, it is what get's us up in the morning, and it's what makes us feel passionate about what we do.

Supporting farmers is the core essence of our success story. Tackling on-farm issues from a farmer's perspective, and essentially doing everything to support farmers health and wellbeing. From this position, we feel humbled in reaching farmers worldwide and making some of their on-farm decisions easier.

Founded on farm and continued on farm development.

Cultivating a Sustainable Future


Empowering farmers with user-friendly, sustainable pasture management tools, our technology delivers real-time insights and actionable recommendations to maximise land health and productivity.


Our vision is to revolutionise sustainable agriculture through cutting-edge technology, empowering farmers to exceed productivity goals while nurturing the environment for future generations.


  1. Farmer-Centric Partnership:We partner with farmers, valuing their expertise and dedication. Their success measures our success as we co-create solutions that resonate with their goals and address their unique challenges.
  2. Innovative Reliability:Our passion for innovation matches our commitment to dependable solutions. We balance cutting-edge technology with the trust and consistency farmers need, adapting swiftly to lead an ever-evolving industry.
  3. Sustainable Impact:We pledge to sustainability through actions, not words. Our solutions aim for the highest productivity and the lowest environmental footprint, contributing to a thriving ecosystem for generations.
  4. Secure Data Insights:We empower farmers with secure, accurate, and actionable data, fostering informed decision-making that enhances productivity and profitability while respecting data privacy.
  5. Empowering Collaboration:We cultivate a collaborative culture where diversity, learning, and ownership are the cornerstones. Every team member is empowered to contribute to our collective excellence and impactful outcomes. unites our Vision, Mission, and Values to lead a transformation in pasture and grazing management. We are dedicated to empowering farmers with innovative tools and insights, fostering a sustainable agricultural landscape that nurtures both our communities and the environment for a prosperous future.

Enabling worldwide environmental, social and economic sustainability

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