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The vision first started in 2005 on a family dairy farm in the picturesque Flowerdale Valley on the North-West Coast of Tasmania.

Ollie, the founder of and a dairy farmer by trade, came to the realisation in 2005 that there was no pasture management platform available that allowed him to fully utilise his pasture measuring data for making the best grazing decisions.

Farmers within the Australian dairy industry were approached to validate this need for such a pasture management application.

Following this, pilot farmers were selected for trialling the early developments based on their different styles of pasture management. The feedback collected from this pilot program enabled the production of a flexible and customisable application to suit many needs.

Since the public release of in early 2016, the platform has undergone continual enhancements with some big developments in mapping and measuring pastures from satellites. This exciting development is being used by customers today.

Photo looking across paddocks of green grass and dairy cows at Robin Hill in Flowerdale

Robin Hill dairy farm on the NW Coast of Tasmania.

The Value

The Team

Our customers are in Aus, NZ, UK, USA.
You can find us across Australia, we have bases in NSW, SA, TAS, Vic & WA!
Photo of Ollie our in-house dairy farmer on his family dairy farm where the grass is always green
Ollie Roberts
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ollie has a strong background in the Australian dairy industry. Having earned his stripes on his family dairy farm on the NW Coast of Tasmania. His strengths lie in pasture management, ruminant nutrition, and agribusiness. Along with lean startups, Ollie's strengths are supported with a BAgr and an MBA. His passion lies in sustainable agri systems with Pty Ltd and This passion gives him drive for improving farm systems with agtech that is on the cutting edge.

Ollie has worked with the University of Tasmania and the University of Sydney. His role at UTas was working on the Sense-T mobile pasture prediction tools. At USyd he oversaw the robotic dairy operations and 5 support properties. He is adept at mixing academia, technology and agriculture. This is further evident with's relationship with UNE's SmartFarm Learning Hub and CQU's Women in Agriculture projects. And further evident by earning the trust of tertiary universities across Australia with's management philosophy.

Photo of Adam our chief technology officer
Adam Hill
Chief Technology Officer

Bio coming soon..

Photo of Rohan our chief data analyst
Rohan Sadler
Chief Analytics Officer

Rohan is a professional statistician with a keen interest in data science, remote sensing, and resource economics. He has a strong background in the agricultural and environmental domains where he has been developing the informatics capacity of organisations to deliver workflow improvement, data governance, analytics and evidence-based evaluation of management effectiveness. His experience is supported by a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Agriculture, and a PhD on remote sensing for environmental monitoring, both completed at the University of Western Australia (UWA). Rohan is currently an adjunct Senior Lecturer with the School of Agriculture and Environment at UWA.

Rohan brings a skill set unlike no other to the team that enhances’s vision and capacity for creating sustainable farming solutions. His technical skills include R, GIS, mathematical modelling and remote sensing. These skills have been applied across key projects in environmental policy and monitoring, pest and fauna management, data management, and asset pricing.

Photo of Juan our customer success manager
Juan Molfino
Customer Success Manager

Juan has strong expertise in the Dairy Industry ranging from on-farm experience, to research, extension and teaching. Juan holds a degree in Agricultural Engineer and a PhD in Veterinary Science (University of Sydney). Juan has been integral to the FutureDairy Project (USyd), with the project recognised as world-leading in research on pasture-based automatic milking systems (AMS). Prior to USyd Juan gained experienced working in commercial farms in New Zealand and Argentina in both the beef and dairy Industries.

Juan’s primary interest is in developing pasture-based dairy systems to be more sustainable, profitable, and competitive. He strongly believes technology is the way to increase efficiency and profitability in farming systems. With this, Juan’s passion for helping farmers achieve their goals through the uptake of agtech makes him the perfect fit for helping customers to succeed.

Photo of Ollie our Chief Operations Officer
Bronnie Grieve
Senior GIS Manager

Bronnie has over 15 years' of in the field and desktop geographical information systems (GIS) experience. This experience is largely in forestry having worked for both Gunns and Forico in Tasmania and recently the Environmental Protection Authority in Sydney. Bronnie has a fondness working in agriculture with experience working as an environmental consultant while at Macquarrie Franklin. Bronnie's skillset brings an exceptional array of knowledge and tools to spanning agriculture and the environment along with a sound understanding of technology in utilising spatial datasets.

Photo of David, our senior developer behind our farm apps
David Bennett
Senior Web Developer

David Bennett has been developing web applications for over ten years. He’s worked on a number of high-profile websites for clients such as Channel Seven and EA Sports as well as taking the lead in the development of numerous projects for equally important clients that carry less well-known brands. David has an extensive knowledge of backend web platform development, databases, the design of infrastructure, and utilises a range of programming technologies including but not limited to Rails, Java, C++, C, D, Javascript, PostgreSQL.

Photo of David, our senior designer behind our management apps
David Nye
Senior Web Designer

David Nye has a wealth of design experience, which he’s developed since playing around with the first version of Adobe Photoshop back in the days when it only had one undo. Since then, David has developed graphical identities for many brands and products across a wide range of industries via all mediums. Graphic design remains at the core of his skillsets that extends his proficiency into disciplines such as video editing, motion graphics and animation, cinematography, and of course web design and UX. David has worked on projects for a number of high profile clients including, but not limited to, Channel Seven, Sony Playstation, Intel, the Department of Education, Austrade, and the EA Sports FIFA brand.

Photo of Luke, a developer behind our paddock apps
Luke Picciau
Web Developer

Luke is the newest member to the team. Luke’s years of coding experience complement his fast-learning and a quick-thinking to excel in any task at hand. He’s proficient in both front and backend development. Luke supports David Bennett in all areas of the coding process and is a valuable addition to the team. Pty Ltd
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