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Photo of Oliver our in-house (ex) dairy farmer from a family dairy farm where the grass is always green

Oliver Roberts

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Oliver has a strong background in the Australian dairy industry. Coming from a family dairy farm on the NW Coast of Tasmania, his strengths lie in pasture management, ruminant nutrition, and agribusiness. Along with lean startups, Oliver's strengths are supported with a BAgr and an MBA. His passion lies in sustainable agri systems with Pty Ltd and This passion gives him drive for improving farm systems with agtech that is on the cutting edge.

Oliver has worked with the University of Tasmania and the University of Sydney. His role at UTas was working on the Sense-T mobile pasture prediction tools. At USyd he oversaw the robotic dairy operations and 5 support properties. He is adept at mixing academia, technology and agriculture. This is further evident with's relationship with The University of New England's SmartFarm Learning Hub and Central Queensland University's Women in Agriculture projects. And further evident by earning the trust of tertiary universities across Australia with's management philosophy.

Photo of David, our senior developer behind our farm apps

David Bennett

Head of Machine Learning

David Bennett has been developing web applications for over ten years. He’s worked on a number of high-profile websites for clients such as Channel Seven and EA Sports as well as taking the lead in the development of numerous projects for equally important clients that carry less well-known brands. David has an extensive knowledge of backend web platform development, databases, the design of infrastructure, and utilises a range of programming technologies including but not limited to Rails, Java, C++, C, D, Javascript, PostgreSQL.

DilipSingh Chauhan (DC)

Operations Manager

DC is invaluable to our team in his Operations Manager role while also providing complete support to our customers, as well as our Customer Success Team. He comes with a Post Graduation in Management & over 11 years of experience from a corporate background to working in SaaS startups. DC's smart work philosophy and a quick learning attitude make him excel in developing efficiencies across the business, namely forming and deploying internal functions that increase our efficiencies and providing value to customers with the development and maintenance of workflow automation from marketing to sales and customer success.

DC lifts the performance of with his intense focus as an Operations Manager, first and foremost, helping customers and our company succeed.

Gabriella Moric

Account Manager

Gabriella's passion lies in working with people, presenting clear communication across all stakeholders, and making a perfect fit as an Account Manager. Since joining the team, Gabriella's appreciation for one of her favourite treats – cheese and the dairy industry, in general, has skyrocketed!! The sheer logistics involved in agricultural operations have amazed Gabriella, and the opportunity to work with passionate customers in solving their issues is rewarding.

Gabriella's skills gained across her 10+ year career in sales and relationship management with Corporate Business, Hospitality and Dental, along with her studies in Business Management and Sales, brings a wealth of experience to With any inquiry, you will surely get an opportunity to chat with her. She loves to help by providing solutions of purpose that will benefit you and is excited to show you how we at can help!

Bronnie Grieve

Senior GIS Manager

Bronnie has over 15 years of in the field and desktop geographical information systems (GIS) experience. This experience is largely in forestry having worked for both Gunns and Forico in Tasmania and recently the Environmental Protection Authority in Sydney. Bronnie has a fondness working in agriculture with experience working as an environmental consultant while at Macquarrie Franklin. Bronnie's skillset brings an exceptional array of knowledge and tools to spanning agriculture and the environment along with a sound understanding of technology in utilising spatial datasets.

Aditya Tejas

Digital Content Marketer

Aditya has a decade of experience in business strategy and design thinking. As the Digital Content Marketer at, he drives fresh leads, shortens sales cycles and increases customer lifetime value. Before this, Aditya worked in early-stage investment and consulting firms to help startups scale.

Like all things, Aditya brings a strong background in hands-on farming and agriculture. Aditya's farming experience, combined with understanding what drives farmers to do what they do is a genuinely exceptional fit for delivering value to our customers.

Imran Javid

Full-Stack Marketing Manager

Bio coming soon...

Photo of Michelle our Lead Digital Content Editor

Michelle Grixti

Lead Digital Content Editor

Michelle's enthusiasm for the dairy industry coupled with her experience in writing and editing came together to take on the role of's digital content editor. After completing her bachelor's degree in agriculture at the University of Melbourne, Michelle is now based in Tasmania and involved in the dairy industry on a daily basis. She has several years experience in online writing and editing in Australia and overseas. Her role on the team allows her to contribute towards her passion for improved efficiencies and sustainability in agriculture.

Dr Juan Molfino

Customer Success Manager

Juan has strong expertise in the Dairy Industry ranging from on-farm experience, to research, extension and teaching. Juan holds a degree in Agricultural Engineer and a PhD in Veterinary Science (University of Sydney). Juan has been integral to the FutureDairy Project (USyd), with the project recognised as world-leading in research on pasture-based automatic milking systems (AMS). Prior to USyd Juan gained experienced working in commercial farms in New Zealand and Argentina in both the beef and dairy Industries.

Juan’s primary interest is in developing pasture-based dairy systems to be more sustainable, profitable, and competitive. He strongly believes technology is the way to increase efficiency and profitability in farming systems. With this, Juan’s passion for helping farmers achieve their goals through the uptake of agtech makes him the perfect fit for helping customers to succeed.

Dr Rohan Sadler

Chief Analytics Officer

Rohan is a professional statistician with a keen interest in data science, remote sensing, and resource economics. He has a strong background in the agricultural and environmental domains where he has been developing the informatics capacity of organisations to deliver workflow improvement, data governance, analytics and evidence-based evaluation of management effectiveness. His experience is supported by a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Agriculture, and a PhD on remote sensing for environmental monitoring, both completed at the University of Western Australia (UWA). Rohan is currently an adjunct Senior Lecturer with the School of Agriculture and Environment at UWA.

Rohan brings a skill set unlike no other to the team that enhances’s vision and capacity for creating sustainable farming solutions. His technical skills include R, GIS, mathematical modelling and remote sensing. These skills have been applied across key projects in environmental policy and monitoring, pest and fauna management, data management, and asset pricing. logo Pty Ltd

ABN 44 629 889 292

We love hearing from you, so get in touch with us and join us on the following social media platforms.

Our beginnings

Photo looking across paddocks of green grass and dairy cows at Robin Hill in Flowerdale

Our vision first started in 2005 on a family dairy farm in the picturesque Flowerdale Valley on the North-West Coast of Tasmania.

Oliver, our founder and CEO of and a dairy farmer by trade, realised that there was no other pasture management platform available that allowed him to fully utilise his pasture measurement data for making the best-informed grazing decisions.

Oliver established the solution and by 2014, was officially established.

Our company recruited a team of scientists and software engineers to create the first-ever integrated pasture management platform for farmers – a product that has evolved into what we have today – a world-class automatic pasture measurement and grazing application.

Since we released the world's first satellite pasture measurement in 2018, has continued expanding into grass growing regions worldwide. This pivot away from manual pasture measurements was a true turning point in our company and drives the current direction of what we do.

Farming is a tough gig and at, we all know this. Our company has this at the forefront in delivering our services. The difficulties presented to farmers is what we're trying to solve, it is what get's us up in the morning, and it's what makes us feel passionate about what we do.

Supporting farmers is the core essence of our success story. Tackling on-farm issues from a farmer's perspective, and essentially doing everything to support farmers health and wellbeing. From this position, we feel humbled in reaching farmers worldwide and making some of their on-farm decisions easier.

Enabling worldwide environmental, social and economic sustainability

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