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The Fundamental app + Ultimate satellite add-on package is the perfect solution for you.

The Fundamental app + Essential satellite add-on package is the perfect solution for you.


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$ 1099 /year

or $ 126 /month

Start Fundamental

  • It all starts with Fundamental:

  • Manual pasture covers
  • Predictive feed wedges
  • Paddock record keeping
  • Interactive lists, charts, and maps
  • Task management
  • Feed & herd inventories
  • Suite of calculators
  • Auto-Grazer ready
  • Pio Chats
  • Support and global community.

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Up to weekly

App + $0.33 /ha /month

paid yearly

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$ ... yearly

Start Fundamental + Essential

  • Everything in Fundamental, and:

  • Up to weekly satellite flyovers
  • Medium image resolution (up to 10m2)
  • Pio's Cloudy Days Model
  • Pio's paddock level pasture readings
  • Pio's farm level pasture readings
  • Pio's 2 week forecasts and trends
  • Dedicated account manager

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Satellite Add-on


Near Daily

App + $0.79 /ha /month

paid yearly

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$ ... yearly

Start Fundamental + Ultimate

  • Everything in Fundamental, and:

  • Near daily satellite flyovers
  • High image resolution (up to 3m2)
  • Pio's Cloudy Days Model
  • Pio's paddock level pasture readings
  • Pio's farm level pasture readings
  • Pio's 2 week forecasts and trends
  • Dedicated account manager

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All paid plans include:      farm setup      technical support      continual updates

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Progressive farmers invest in measuring pasture


Informed grazing decisions = higher farm profit

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Paddock Activities
Pasture Readings
Growth Rates
Leaf EmergenceAutoAuto
Feed WedgesAutoAuto
Seasonal TrendsAutoAuto
Pasture Forecasts
Growth RatesAutoAuto
Leaf EmergencePio add-on comingAutoAuto
Tools & Calculators
Leaf Stage
Nitrogen Response
Area Allocation
Forage Crop Allocation
Grazings Available
Growth Rate Required
Pasture Allocation
Pre-Grazing Cover
Satellite Details
Pixel ResolutionUp to 10m2Up to 3m2 and includes all satellites
Flyover FrequencyUp to weeklyNear daily from over 200 satellites
Pio's Cloudy Days Model
Farm Maps
Paddock mapping
Virtual fencing
Satellite indices
Farm Models
Temperature Humidity Index (THI)Pio add-on comingPio add-on comingPio add-on coming
Soil TemperaturePio add-on comingPio add-on comingPio add-on coming
Soil MoisturePio add-on comingPio add-on comingPio add-on coming
Inventory Management
Feedstuff inventory
Herd inventory
Unlimited users
User roles
Task management
GPS task locations
Help Articles
Online Community
Account Manager
Live ChatPriorityPriority
Screen share
Feature requestsPriorityPriority
Auto Grazer
Tabula (TracMap)
Meteoblue WeatherPio add-on coming
Outpost Central (Wildeye)
Pio Chats BETA
Pio, Your AI Farm Consultant
Your AI Farm Consultant coming

Used by leading farmers

Our growing global community of Pio-neering farmers sign up to unlock efficiency in growing and managing pasture.

We've calculated we’re making between $60,000-$80,000 extra a year by getting it right using
For me, this program has been a game changer here in New Zealand and for the world. Other programs don’t do what does. I wouldn’t think of using anything else.
These (satellite pasture) measurements are accurate and of higher frequency. As a result, we can make better and timely decisions to prevent feed shortages and increase production. is a valuable tool, it helps me save time and it keeps getting better. Things are automated and 6-hours of no manual measuring a week in itself is an ROI of over 300% on my subscription fees.
We’re definitely making better decisions based on The frequency of data is excellent, and it saves me a lot of time.
What I am happy to say about, as a consultant, is their customer service is excellent, and their software saves me significant time.
As an advisor, having good pasture management is essential and today with it is a huge advance, I no longer depend on one person to measure pastures. that's wonderful, that's why I recommend learning how to use the system.
It’s a cheap investment, and it means peace of mind for me too — it’s going to take a lot of guesswork out of pasture management decisions made by staff.
Our farming success is due to focusing on how our pastures and animals perform, which is what the platform does best.
Thanks to, we are growing more feed and it is generally of a better quality. makes the most out of my weekly farm walks and I'm really happy with the results. not only helps me manage to grow and graze pasture, but also assists in ration balance for optimised feed intakes and maximised use of inputs.

Working with leading institutions.

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Awarded for excellence.

Tasmanian Export Awards Winner 2023
CorporateLiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2021
Most Innovative Pasture Management Solution 2020 Award
Startup City 15 Most Promising AgTech Startups in APAC 2019
Silicon Review 50 Most Trustworthy Companies of the Year 2019

Plans, Pricing, and Billing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Plans and Pricing
We offer a comprehensive farm management app called Fundamental, with two satellite add-on tiers: Essential and Ultimate. The Essential add-on provides lower resolution imagery with less frequent revisits, while the Ultimate add-on offers high-resolution imagery with near-daily revisits. Check out our plans and pricing here.
The cost starts with our Fundamental farm management app, and you can add the Essential or Ultimate satellite tiers as needed. Detailed pricing is available here.
All our plans and add-ons, whether paid monthly or annually, are annual contracts that need to be paid in full. This includes the Fundamental app plan and the satellite add-ons.
The satellite add-ons include remote pasture readings, along with full access to our farm management app. This provides you with a comprehensive set of tools for optimal farm management. Compare all features here.
With the Ultimate add-on, satellites fly over near daily. The Essential add-on provides imagery approximately every 5 days, depending on your location and conditions. View satellite FAQ here.
Billing and Payment
We accept major credit cards and bank transfers. Contact our support team for any specific payment inquiries.
The Fundamental app can be trialled, but the satellite add-ons are part of our premium service and require an annual commitment.
Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any time. Contact our support team to adjust your subscription according to your needs.
You can cancel your subscription at any time. However, all plans are annual commitments. If you cancel before the end of the year, you are still required to pay the full year's subscription.
No, there are no hidden fees. The costs for the satellite add-ons are transparent and include everything in the farm management app. Note that in the future, we may introduce other add-ons that can be seen but not accessed within the app.
Our dedicated support team is here to help you with any subscription-related issues. Reach out to us via email, in-app chat , or phone, and we'll assist you promptly.
We believe in maintaining the value of our premium service and, therefore, do not offer discounts. Our pricing reflects the quality and consistency of our offerings.
Absolutely. You can add more satellite add-ons as your needs grow, such as upgrading from the Essential add-on to the Ultimate add-on. However, please keep in mind that the satellite area of interest (AOI) included in the Ultimate plan cannot be changed once selected. It is best to decide on this AOI at the beginning of your subscription. Reach out to our support team to make any changes.
We do not offer the option to pause subscriptions as we are locked into annual data contracts and provide a premium service. If you have any concerns, please Contact our support team to discuss your options.

Quick Farm Setup

You're just a few steps away from setting up your farm with map. Whether you choose our advanced farm management app or enhance it with near daily satellite flyovers, our tech wizards are ready to bring your farm into the future.