Our COVID-19 Response: The food chain begins behind the farm gate on your farm. Your admirable farm is where we have a moral duty in providing a service that is free to use. Not only that, a service where we provide you with free support at the touch of a button within the app so you can make the best out of the program. We are also offering to deliver a free digital and PDF map that you can print out at any desirable size. Furthermore, farmers such as yourself rely on consultants for all sorts of advice. The free plan now allows you to add your farm consultant to your account at Pasture.io.

The array of free services now included in the free subscription are farm setup, farm paddock map, in-app chat, and a consultant account.

By providing these services for free, we hope that you can communicate effectively with employees, contractors, consultants and other talented people on or off your farm while reducing contact. #socialdistancing is how we're going to conquer COVID-19 together, and we plan on being there to support you in modifying your practices to stop the spread.

We wish you the best health, safety and happiness.
The entire team at Pasture.io