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There are many pasture measuring devices on the market today. We've put together some information and a summary to help you navigate which device is best for your use.

Grass Measuring Devices  DescriptionBenefitsDisadvantagesScore
No actionDo nothing at all, are you profitable?NoneA huge amount of lost opportunity0/10
Are you growing pasture?
Eyeball techniqueA visual assessment by driving or walking the farmQuick, better than nothingA great amount of lost opportunity1/10
Let's start measuring grass!
Quadrant cutTake multiple quadrant cuts with pasture shears & measure dry matterCan be very precise, mainly used for researchVery slow and not suitable for commercial farms3/10
Reserved for the scientists
ProbeWalk transects across paddocks taking pasture measurementsHmmm not so sure on this grass measuring device, share your thoughts?Problematic on wet days, slow, low amount of consistency4/10
Not a common tool for measuring grass
GrassometerWalk transects across paddocks taking multiple measurementsPotentially better than a rising plate meter, yet to be proven Slow, operator fatigue, works on optical sensors5/10
Not a common grass measuring tool
Rising plate meterMeasure grass, as you walk across paddocksClose and thorough inspection of farm while walking, fairly consistentSlow, operator fatigue and variability between operators6/10
Trusty grass measuring device
Rapid plate meterTowed plate that that rapidly measures grass heightNew measuring device that looks promising, but needs further market testingNew measuring device that looks promising, but needs further market testing7/10
New and promising device for meausring pasture
Pasture ReaderVehicle mounted sensor for determining pasture heightVery quick and consistent on flat farmsCan be problematic on undulating farms8/10
Aussie developed pasture measuring device
C-Dax pasture meter4wheeler towed sensor for determining pasture heightVery quick and consistent in dry conditionsCan be problematic in the wet, wear & tear8/10
Tried and tested pasture measuring tool
Drone imageryFlying drone that captures imagery for calculating grass growthDaily pasture readings, other on-farm uses.Flight regulations, adverse weather, batteries9/10
This technology is currently being researched
Satellite imagerySatellite imagery that captures grass measurements without the need of a personZero labour and other monitoring uses such as plant healthCloud cover and large pixel resolution 10/10
Pasture.io is currently developing this technology

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