Who is Jenquip?

Jenquip is a division of NZ Agriworks Ltd and was first founded in 1997. They supply a range of tools for agriculture with a focus on pasture measuring.

Talking about pasture, Jenquip sell the following:

  • Rising plate meters
  • Rapid plate meters
  • And last, but not least Jenquip's Pasture Management Software
Jenquip Logo

What is Jenquip Pasture Management Software?

Jenquip Pasture Management Software is a Windows operating system based pasture management app that is supplied on a compact disc (CD) - yes they still exist! The program lets you enter and record your pasture covers and then displays this in a feed wedge.

Features of Jenquip Pasture Management Software

The following are the highlights of the features:

  • Feed wedge
  • Endless calendar
  • Supplied on CD

Pros and Cons of Jenquip's pasture management app

Jenquip's Pasture Management Software is very basic and as it is supplied on a CD and is very limited in the prospects for future updates as agtech evolves. Furthermore, if your hard drive fails, then there is no cloud backup. On the plus side, if you don't have internet, then this may suit you for a simple program for allocating pasture, calculating pasture covers and growth rates and for dispraying a feed wedge.

What are your experiences?

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