Who is AgriNet?

Agrinet is an Irish software company (Irish Farm Computers Ltd.). They have developed a range of agricultural platforms for the dairy and beef industries with a heavy focus on Irish farmers.

  • AgriNet HerdApp - a compliance tool for Irish dairy and beef farmers.
  • AgriNet HerdMaster - a herd management system that helps farmers meet their legislative needs.
  • Cashminder by AgriNet - a farm cash management system for Irish farmers.
  • And last, but not least AgriNet Grass.
AgriNet Grass Software Logo

What is AgriNet Grass?

AgriNet Grass is an online grass management app that lets you enter and record your grass covers. From here you can see which paddocks have the highest grass covers by looking at a feed wedge or in a table. You then make a decision on which paddock and how much area to allocate based on the spring rotation planner.

Features of AgriNet Grass

The following are the highlights of the AgriNet Grass features:

  • grass covers
  • grass feed wedge
  • spring rotation planner
  • grass budget
  • discussion groups

Pros and Cons of AgriNet Grass

AgriNet Grass is very handy if you want to share your data with fellow farmers, although a basic app that doesn't off too much in uniqueness, it integrates with the other management platforms developed by AgriNet. If you live outside of Ireland, you might lose out on some of the functionality, but if you are just after a feed wedge and spring rotation planner then this may work for you.

What are your experiences?

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