LIC is a New Zealand dairy farming co-operative and as DairyNZ has explained, "LIC's activities can broadly be described as genetics, information and advice." And MINDA is LIC's proprietary animal identification and information management system.

LIC's MINDA suite has a heavy focus on herd management for the dairy industry.

  • MINDA Live - herd management system
  • MINDA Calving app / MINDA app - herd health recording
  • MINDA Milk - herd milk testing tool
  • MINDA Weights - herd weight tracking
  • MINDA Health - herd treatment recording
  • And last, but not least MINDA Land and Feed for managing your farm records.

What is MINDA Land and Feed?

LIC's MINDA Land and Feed, as said on their website is a "simple tool for recording pasture levels and creating a feed wedge".

Features of MINDA Land and Feed

The following are the highlights of the MINDA Land and feed:

  • Feed wedge data
  • Paddock activity recording
  • Record events on your farm
  • Farm source for data
  • MINDA app and MINDA Live
  • Get regular reproduction advice

Pros and Cons of MINDA Land and Feed

MINDA Land & Feed is a handy component of the greater MINDA suite; however, it is just that, a component that doesn't provide much as a pasture management decision support tool. But, if all you're after is simple feed wedge software and are a New Zealand dairy farmer, then this may be all you need.

What are your experiences?

If you're an existing LIC customer, we'd love to hear your feedback, or if you have some great tips that we can share in the post above - please feel free to get in touch or leave a comment below.