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Michael McNamara - Calder (Tasmania)

Michael McNamara has plenty of uses for Pasture.io from managing pasture for his beef herd and dairy cattle agistment and for communication in his contracting business.

Michael McNamara (Owner / Manager)

Farmer Name:  Michael McNamara

Farming Region:  Calder (NW Tas)

Grazing Platform:  171ha

Farming Type:  Beef and Dairy Agistment

Irrigation:  100% dryland

Growth Month:  October

Measuring device:  Cdax Pasture Meter

Watch the video below to hear how Michael is finding success by being a member of the Pasture.io platform.

Michael is a farmer from Calder (Tasmania) who owns and operates multiple enterprises that covers beef and dairy agistment alongside his contracting business where he has a crew that spreads fertiliser, prepares ground, and has a top notch hay and silage harvesting business.

He explains that he is able to navigate variable seasons by managing his pastures better by making more informed grazing decisions. Ultimately increasing his profits.

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