Summary: The blog article discusses the benefits of Riverina's PasturePro Five, a high-protein, vitamin, and mineral supplement for beef cattle. It covers the nutritional composition, benefits to ruminants, improving grazing practices, enhancing breeding performance, safety measures, and introduces Riverina Stockfeeds as the producer. The article concludes by highlighting the positive impact of PasturePro Five on grazing practices, nutrition, and overall farm profitability and sustainability.


In the dynamic sphere of beef cattle nutrition, Riverina's PasturePro Five carves a distinctive niche. This high-protein, vitamin, and mineral supplement is meticulously formulated to amplify the nutritional intake of your cattle, while also enhancing the grazing practices on your farm. Riverina, with its enduring commitment to quality and innovation, brings forth PasturePro Five as a tool not just for nourishment, but for fostering a sustainable, productive grazing ecosystem, laying down a robust foundation for your cattle's health and your farm's prosperity.

Nutritional Composition of PasturePro

PasturePro Five provides a nutritional powerhouse with its blend of bypass protein and nonprotein nitrogen, precisely formulated to balance the low protein found in certain pastures, thus enhancing pasture digestion. The supplement's typical composition includes protein meals, urea, and vegetable oil, enriched with essential minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and a suite of vital vitamins. For instance, it boasts a minimum of 32% protein, essential for muscle development and growth. Moreover, the inclusion of urea, at 5%, aids in optimising the rumen's microbial activity, thus improving the digestion and utilisation of fibrous feeds. This robust nutritional composition plays a pivotal role in balancing your cattle's diet, particularly amidst varying pasture quality.

PasturePro Benefits to Ruminants

PasturePro Five is instrumental in mitigating live weight losses on dry pastures, a common challenge you might face during drought conditions. By augmenting the intake of dry pasture and forage, it aids in maintaining a healthy weight and energy levels in your cattle. The supplement's rich blend of trace minerals and vitamins, like Vitamin A, D3, and E, fortifies the immune system, enhancing your herd's resilience against diseases. Moreover, the boosted nutritional profile fosters improved growing and breeding performance, ensuring your livestock thrive through various life stages, ultimately contributing to the productivity and profitability of your farming venture.

Improving Grazing Practices

Following the PasturePro Five feeding guide, you pave the way for superior grazing management. Initiating supplementation before cattle start losing weight, and strategically adjusting trough placements, drives better grazing habits. For instance, placing troughs initially at least 200m away from watering points, then moving them farther into the paddock, encourages cattle to graze more expansively. Such practices not only enhance pasture utilisation but also foster a healthier, more sustainable grazing system. Through meticulous management and the strategic use of PasturePro Five, you're taking strides towards creating an environment where your cattle and pasture both flourish.

Enhancing Breeding Performance

Supplementing your cattle with PasturePro Five 6-8 weeks prior to mating can significantly boost breeding performance. This practice ensures that your cattle are nutritionally prepared for reproduction, marking PasturePro Five as an invaluable asset for reproductive success.

Safety Measures with PasturePro

With a lower urea level compared to other supplements and strict feeding guidelines, PasturePro Five prioritises safety to prevent urea toxicity, ensuring a safer feeding regime for your cattle. Adhering to the recommended feeding guidelines will help prevent over-consumption and promote better health and safety in your herd.

About Riverina Stockfeeds

PasturePro Five is a product of Riverina Stockfeeds, a reputable company with a rich history in animal nutrition. Riverina takes pride in delivering quality feed products, ensuring rigorous quality control from ingredient sourcing to finished product. For more insights into their ethos and offerings, you can explore Riverina’s website.


Incorporating Riverina’s PasturePro Five in your cattle's diet is a step towards better grazing practices, improved nutrition, and ultimately, a more profitable and sustainable farming operation. By understanding and applying the guidelines provided, you unlock the potential to elevate the productivity and health of your cattle, laying down a solid foundation for a thriving farming enterprise.

- The Dedicated Team of, 2023-09-16