Summary: The blog article discusses the "Pro" range from Impact Fertilisers, emphasising its benefits for soil fertility and pasture growth. It delves into different products within this range, explaining their nutrient compositions and their implications for different farming scenarios. The article underscores the agronomic insights provided by these products and concludes by reinforcing the importance of making wise agronomic choices for sustainable pasture management. It encourages farmers to explore the "Pro" range to enhance soil health, pasture vitality, and ultimately, livestock nourishment.


In pasture management, soil fertility is indeed your cornerstone, the bedrock fueling pasture growth. It's your silent partner ensuring your livestock have ample, nutritious forage. Impact Fertilisers steps in here, offering a hand in nurturing soil fertility and boosting pasture vitality. Their carefully formulated "Pro" range is a testament to their commitment towards sustainable pasture health, aiming at not just meeting but exceeding the nutrient requirements of your soil and pasture. The "Pro" range is your ally in transforming your pasture into a lush, thriving ecosystem ready to support healthy livestock, year after year.

Exploration of "Pasture Pro" Range

The "Pro" range from Impact Fertilisers is a suite of finely formulated products designed with the discerning farmer in mind. Within this range, the Pasture Pro series shines with a variety of nutrient profiles tailored to different pasture needs:

  • Pasture Pro: Ideal for general pasture health with a balanced NPK ratio.

  • Pasture Pro Mg1%: A magnesium boost for soils lacking this vital nutrient.

  • Pasture Pro Graze: Optimised for grazing pastures, with higher nitrogen content.

  • Pasture Pro Premium: High in phosphorus, perfect for encouraging root development.

  • Pasture Pro Star: Rich in phosphorus and calcium, beneficial for soils with deficiencies in these nutrients.

Each product in the Pasture Pro series is a response to a specific soil or pasture scenario, addressing unique nutrient needs for optimal pasture growth and livestock nourishment.

Embracing the "Hay Pro" Range for Quality Hay Production

The "Hay Pro" range from Impact Fertilisers is a boon for those aiming to enhance their hay production. Each product is a solution to distinct soil and crop needs:

  • Hay Pro N: Boosts nitrogen levels, crucial for protein synthesis and hay growth.

  • Hay Pro S: Rich in sulfur, essential for chlorophyll production.

  • Hay Pro S Mg1%: Offers sulfur and magnesium, promoting robust hay growth and photosynthesis.

  • Hay Pro K: High potassium content for improved water use efficiency and resistance to diseases.

  • Hay Pro P: Rich in phosphorus, stimulating energy transfer and root development.

By understanding your soil's needs, the right product from the "Hay Pro" range can substantially uplift your hay production's quality and quantity.

Unveiling the Pasture Sulphur Range: The Super Pro and Grass Pro Series

The Pasture Sulphur range targets sulfur replenishment in soils, vital for protein synthesis and chlorophyll formation:

  • Super Pro Series:

    • Super Pro S26 & S42: High sulphur content to amend sulphur-deficient soils, also providing phosphorus and potassium.

  • Grass Pro Series:

    • Variants like Grass Pro 3015 to Grass Pro 4105 offer a gradient of nitrogen to sulphur ratios catering to varying needs, from boosting foliage growth to enhancing sulphur levels for better photosynthesis and nutritional value.

Selecting the right variant based on soil tests can significantly enhance pasture vitality, making the Super Pro and Grass Pro series a sound investment towards sustainable pasture management.

Agronomic Insights

The "Pro" range embodies a holistic approach towards soil health, going beyond mere nutrient provision. For example, the sulphate form of sulphur in Super Pro S26 is more readily absorbed by plants, promoting better nutrient uptake. This enhances the efficiency of every granule applied to your pasture, ensuring that your soil receives optimum nourishment. Over time, this results in healthier, more resilient pasture capable of supporting your livestock effectively. By understanding the nutrient dynamics and choosing the appropriate product from the "Pro" range, you are investing in a sustainable, fruitful future for your farming operations.


The "Pro" range is a well-considered choice towards achieving fertile soils and vibrant pastures. It encapsulates the foresight of making informed agronomic decisions today, laying the foundation for sustainable pasture management. Each product in this range is crafted to address specific soil and pasture needs, making them a valuable asset in your nutrient management strategy. By adopting the "Pro" range, you are not just nurturing your soil and pasture today, but you're securing a green, productive future for your farming endeavour. Your wise choices today echo a sustainable, fruitful tomorrow.

Until we meet again, Happy Fertilising!

- The Dedicated Team of, 2023-09-14