Article Summary: In our quest to support and empower farmers worldwide, we are thrilled to announce an exciting development in the agricultural technology sector. Introducing's groundbreaking Task Manager feature, designed to revolutionise how you manage the operations of your land by allowing farmers to assign tasks to their employees or themselves via our app. From mending a water leak to assigning tasks to employees in different locations, are working hard to make your life easier by automating traditionally manual tasks! Read on to see how are working to empower farmers regardless of physical location and ensure a successful farm operation.

It’s an exciting time at, where our hard work at innovating the farming experience for you has led to not one but many product features we’re excited to share!

In our quest to support and empower our farmers worldwide, we are thrilled to announce an exciting development in the agricultural technology sector. Today, we launch's groundbreaking Task Manager feature, designed to revolutionise how you manage your operations. We reckon it’s set to transform the farming landscape and, the best part? It's free to farmers with the app!

This feature is something the team are proud of because we are continuously finding ways for you to have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips. 

Plan better, have better visibility and work smarter with’s Task Manager feature

It’s vital that you harness the power of data to make informed farm decisions.

And we have answered the call. 

Cut out the need for staff or yourself to travel to different parts of your land. With's Task Manager feature, simply tap into your app, and with the help of our sophisticated satellite monitoring tools, you’ll be able to see which farm tasks are most urgent and assign them accordingly, even if you are on-site elsewhere!

Using a map view of your property, you can easily view your tasks in a way that makes sense to you.

Plus, if you’re fielding reports from your employees of tasks that need completing, you can input them here—in one cloud-backed, easy-to-navigate place!'s Task Manager is a game-changer, allowing farmers to assign tasks to any location under satellite surveillance. You can do this from the comfort of one location (including your couch!). No more driving from paddock to paddock yourself to monitor and determine what needs to be done. Or multiple lists on paper that get lost or ruined…

Enjoy the benefits of this new feature when the weather turns cold (challenging your land access) or when you’re short on labour resources. Limit miscommunication and double handling amongst your farm staff. The list goes on!

How does’s Farming Task Manager work?

It really couldn't be simpler, which is exactly what you want when you’re a time-poor farmer!

Simply head to your app, and view your pastures. Use our real-time satellite updates and map views to ascertain what needs to be done and where.

Hover over the paddock and edit the field that populates. 

Additionally, if one of your team has informed you about a specific concern, you can input these and set them as tasks here, too. It’s got a map view, too, to help you ‘see’ what needs to be done.

This means you’ll have your farm to-do list in one digitised place—no more lost pieces of paper or miscommunication. Enjoy greater operational efficiency and prioritisation, freeing you up for the things that require urgent attention.

Help is on the way to get you started

Need help with how to use the feature? We’ve made it easy to guide you through with our Help Center. Just head to, and see the relevant Task Manager help information to get you started.

Here, you will learn how to:

  • Understand task icons on your map

  • Understand due date colours

  • How to add and assign tasks

  • Our Quick Access feature

And that’s not the best part—we’re continuously adding to our Task Manager Help Center destination to ensure you make the most of our new, helpful features!

But that’s not the only way we empower farmers in an increasingly digital world…

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Empowering farmers worldwide with up-to-date, expert farming information, as requested by YOU

The worldwide farming community is only possible if we are engaging, so the team encourages you to make suggestions and ask questions about the things that matter most. 

And we’ll aim to include it to benefit the wider farming ecosystem!

Here’s what aims to do for you by developing more helpful farming features:

  • Break the isolation barrier — farming can be a lonely vocation and leave you with feelings of self-doubt.  An app with handy features to help you farm smarter and a directory of farming information acts as a virtual support system, providing you with a sense of connection to a larger community of experts and like-minded individuals.

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  • Be accessible anytime, anywhere — modern technology has revolutionised access to information. With mobile applications and desktop platforms, you can carry a wealth of farming information in your pocket. Plus, you can now manage your farm from one location, reducing the time needed to travel and the need for manual work.

Knowledge is power, and in agriculture, it’s no different

The introduction of's Task Manager heralds a new era in farming technology. And our exhaustive, highly popular farming blog is an excellent complement to this, where farmers worldwide can access expert advice and comprehensive farming information without any barriers. 

By making these groundbreaking features accessible, empowers you to make informed decisions, embrace innovation, and thrive in your agricultural pursuits. 

Regardless of location or subscription status, we encourage you to visit and unlock the vast knowledge base available through the Task Manager. Head to our blog to begin your knowledge search now, or contact our friendly team to learn more about the new Task Manager feature on the app! 

Here’s to making our farming lives simpler, smarter and more successful!

Until we meet again, Happy Farming

- The Dedicated Team of, 2023-06-27