Summary: We dive into two prominent pasture management and grazing apps, with and Pasture Pro. Firstly, offers advanced pasture management with AI and machine learning, backed by awards and user testimonials. Pasture Pro provides all-inclusive ranch management through an offline-friendly mobile app, although awards are limited. The choice depends on your farm's specific needs, whether focused on pasture management or comprehensive ranch management.

Automated Management & Decision Support:

Automated Pasture Readings:

With the advent of technology, the ability to glean real-time data from your farm is a game-changer. leverages daily satellite flyovers coupled with weather updates to provide you with automated pasture readings. This means that irrespective of the day's weather, you have a set of eyes in the sky, ensuring you are not blindsided by sudden changes in pasture conditions.

Utilisation of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Neural Networks:

The backbone of's automation is its sophisticated machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence. These technologies sift through the data obtained from satellites, weather updates, and your farm records to derive actionable insights. For instance, predicting the growth rate of your pasture or suggesting the optimal time for grazing. Neural networks, a subset of machine learning, aid in going beyond mere data analysis to learning and evolving with each new piece of data, much like the human brain, making the system progressively smarter.

Decision Support Across Devices:

In the era of mobility, having a decision support tool accessible across devices is indispensable. Whether you are on your tablet in the field, or on your desktop in the office, avails critical farm data and analytics at your fingertips. This cross-device functionality facilitates precise farming planning and recording, enabling you to make informed decisions promptly.

Enhanced Machine Learning Models with Farm Records:

Your farm's historical and current data is a treasure trove of insights.'s machine learning models become more accurate and tailored to your farm with every additional record, making predictions and recommendations increasingly precise over time.

Pasture Pro:

All-inclusive Ranch Management:

As a holistic solution, Pasture Pro encapsulates an array of tools necessary for comprehensive ranch management. Its mobile app interface ensures that whether you are connected to the internet or off-grid, you have access to essential management tools right from your phone. This is especially beneficial when you find yourself in remote parts of your ranch with no internet connectivity.

Task Management Feature:

Coordination and task tracking are pivotal for smooth operations. Pasture Pro’s task management feature allows you to create, assign, and monitor tasks within your team. This centralised task management ensures everyone is on the same page regarding daily duties, upcoming tasks, and long-term projects. For instance, if there's a need to repair a section of fencing or administer vaccinations, these tasks can be assigned, tracked for progress, and marked as completed right from the app, promoting accountability and clarity in team responsibilities.


These platforms, with their distinct features, aim to alleviate the complexities inherent in farming operations, offering you a pathway to more controlled, informed, and efficient farm management. Your choice between the two would align with your farm's specific needs, the extent of automation desired, and the management areas you wish to streamline.

Livestock Management:

Effective and Hassle-free Grazing Decisions:

Grazing is a dynamic aspect of livestock management. aids you in making informed grazing decisions by providing real-time data on pasture conditions. For instance, the platform can help determine when a paddock has recovered sufficiently for re-grazing. This is pivotal in optimising your stocking rates throughout the season, ensuring that your livestock has adequate forage while maintaining pasture health.

Tools for Proper Livestock Feeding:

Nutrition is the cornerstone of livestock performance. offers tools that help you understand the nutritional value of your pasture, enabling you to supplement your livestock's diet as needed. For example, if the pasture's nutritional value dips during a dry spell, you can adjust the feed supplements to ensure that your livestock continues to thrive. This ability to maximise nutritional value not only enhances livestock performance but also contributes to better meat or milk quality, impacting your farm's bottom line positively.

Pasture Pro:

Detailed Livestock Management:

The devil is in the details, especially when it comes to managing livestock. Pasture Pro allows you to track a wealth of information including individual animal details, grazing rotations, expenses, and sales. For instance, tracking the grazing rotations can help in managing the pasture recovery, while recording expenses and sales aids in understanding the financial health of your livestock operation. This detailed recording can be a boon during financial planning or audits.

GPS Ear Tags for Real-time Livestock Location Tracking:

Knowing where your livestock are at any given time is not only crucial for their safety but also for efficient farm management. Pasture Pro’s GPS Ear Tags provide real-time location tracking of your livestock. Imagine the ease of locating a stray or assessing the grazing spread across your land. Additionally, in the unfortunate event of livestock theft, these GPS tags could be invaluable in tracking and recovering your animals.


Both and Pasture Pro bring a suite of features to the table aimed at streamlining livestock management. leans towards optimising grazing and feeding, leveraging real-time data to inform decisions. On the other hand, Pasture Pro provides a detailed recording and real-time tracking system, ensuring you have a thorough understanding and control over your livestock operations. Your preference would depend on whether you prioritise data-driven grazing and feeding management or detailed record-keeping and real-time tracking in your livestock management strategy.

Mapping and Spatial Analysis:

Easy Farm Mapping:

Farm mapping is the first step towards spatially organising your farm operations. offers intuitive tools for mapping out your farm, including measuring areas and editing paddock boundaries. With this feature, you can accurately delineate different sections of your farm, be it grazing areas, water sources, or sheds, providing a clear layout of your farm’s geography.

Temporary or Virtual Fencing and Pasture Allocation Planning:

Planning out temporary fencing and pasture allocation is crucial for rotational grazing and other farm management practices.’s mapping feature allows you to design and visualise fencing arrangements and pasture allocations, facilitating better pasture management and ultimately, improved pasture health and livestock nutrition.

Visual Representation of Paddock Performance: goes beyond mere mapping to provide a visual representation of paddock performance. This feature gives you a visual insight into various parameters such as growth rates, biomass, and grazing impact, empowering you to make informed decisions for fertilising, reseeding, or adjusting grazing rotations.

Recording Essential Paddock Records:

Recording key information right in the paddock is essential for accurate data collection. enables you to record essential data such as grazing dates, fertiliser applications, and pest or weed observations, right on the map. Over time, this data provides a rich historical record, aiding in analysis and future planning.

Pasture Pro:

Viewing Pasture Boundaries and Livestock Location:

Pasture Pro provides a mapping feature that allows you to view pasture boundaries and the real-time location of your livestock thanks to the GPS Ear Tags. This real-time monitoring is crucial for ensuring the safety of your livestock and for making timely decisions regarding grazing rotations.

Land Utilisation and Points of Interest:

Understanding how different parts of your land are being utilised is key to efficient farm management. Pasture Pro helps you visualise land utilisation, whether it's grazing areas, cultivated land, or fallow ground. Additionally, marking and viewing points of interest like water sources, sheds, or any other significant landmarks on your farm can aid in daily operations and emergency response.

Parcel Data:

Pasture Pro also avails parcel data, providing a detailed view of land ownership and boundaries. This can be helpful in case of land leasing, sales, or any legal documentation, ensuring clear demarcation and understanding of land parcels.


Both and Pasture Pro serve as robust tools in providing mapping and spatial analysis capabilities, each with its unique strengths. shines in detailed paddock performance visualisation and planning, while Pasture Pro offers real-time livestock tracking and land utilisation insights. The choice between the two would hinge on your farm’s specific needs and the aspects of mapping and spatial analysis you find most valuable in managing your agricultural operations.

Financial Management:

Recording Key Expenditures:

Though not a dedicated financial management platform, facilitates the recording of key expenditures associated with your paddock activities. By logging costs related to feed, fertilisations, plantings, and spraying, you begin to paint a picture of where your money is being spent. For example, if you’ve invested in a new type of fertiliser, recording the cost and later comparing it with the yield or pasture health can provide insights into the return on investment.

Costing of Chemicals, Seeds, or Fertilisers:

The platform allows you to record the costs of chemicals, seeds, or fertilisers, along with the associated application or drilling costs. This granularity in cost recording is crucial for a detailed understanding of your expenses. It can help in budgeting and in making cost-effective choices in the future. For instance, comparing the costs and effectiveness of different types of fertilisers over time can lead to more informed purchasing decisions.

Informing Financial Decisions:

While not a financial management system, the data captured on regarding your paddock activities and associated costs can inform financial decisions. For example, understanding the cost per hectare of a particular fertilisation practice and comparing it with the resulting pasture growth can help in budget allocation and planning for the upcoming seasons.

Pasture Pro:

Finance Manager:

Pasture Pro steps up the financial management game with a dedicated Finance Manager. This feature provides a structured approach to recording and analysing your financial data. Whether it's tracking the expenses of a particular project, monitoring the costs of livestock management, or analysing the profitability of different crops, having a Finance Manager tool can significantly streamline your financial tracking and analysis.

PRF Insurance:

The Pasture, Rangeland, Forage (PRF) Insurance feature is a unique offering that allows you to view rainfall values and predicted claims. This is pivotal, especially in regions prone to drought or inconsistent rainfall. By having a clear view of your PRF Insurance data, you are better positioned to manage the financial risks associated with rainfall variability. For instance, anticipating a claim can provide financial reassurance during a dry spell, aiding in maintaining operational stability.


In conclusion, both platforms offer tools to aid in financial management, albeit to varying degrees. provides a foundation for recording key costs associated with paddock activities, while Pasture Pro offers a more detailed financial management tool along with a unique insurance feature to manage weather-related financial risks. Your choice between the two would depend on the depth of financial management and analysis you require for your farming operation.

Reporting and Data Export:

Diverse Reporting Formats: understands the value of viewing data in a format that makes sense to you. Whether you prefer a list, chart, or map overlay, having these different formats at your disposal ensures that you can analyse your data in a way that provides the clearest insights. For instance, viewing pasture growth rates in a chart could reveal trends that are not as evident in a list format.

Export to Various Formats:

The ability to export data to spreadsheets, CSV, KML files for use in Google Earth, GeoJSON, or PDF is a powerful feature. It not only allows for further manipulation and analysis of your data but also makes sharing with stakeholders or other software tools seamless. For example, exporting paddock boundaries to KML for use in Google Earth can provide a detailed visual analysis of land use over time.

Customisable Paddock Lists and Map Overlays:

Customisation is key to effective data analysis. Being able to filter paddock lists and map overlays by herds, paddock usages, irrigation, management tags, and date ranges enables focused analysis. For instance, filtering by paddock usage could help in identifying which paddocks are being under or over-utilised, informing future grazing rotations.

Accessible Data:’s ethos of making your data as accessible as possible aligns with the modern farmer’s need for transparency and control over their data. This access empowers you to not only understand your farm’s performance but also to communicate effectively with advisors, financial institutions, or potential investors.

Pasture Pro:

Data Export and Printing:

The capability to export data or print various reports like task, inventory, grazing, and financial reports is invaluable. It facilitates not only record-keeping but also sharing of information with team members or external stakeholders. For instance, printing a financial report for a meeting with your financial advisor or exporting grazing records for analysis could provide insights for more profitable farming practices.

Holistic Reporting:

Pasture Pro’s range of report types including task, inventory, grazing, and financial reports, provides a holistic view of your farm’s operations. This breadth of reporting ensures that you have a firm grasp on the various aspects of your farm management, from the financials to the day-to-day tasks.


Both and Pasture Pro offer robust reporting and data export capabilities, each with a unique set of features. shines in customisation and diversity of export formats, providing a high level of flexibility in data analysis and sharing. On the other hand, Pasture Pro offers a solid range of report types, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of your farm’s operations. Your choice between the two would hinge on your specific reporting needs and the level of customisation you desire in analysing and sharing your farm data.

Support and Usability:

Dedicated Account Managers:

Having a dedicated account manager means you have a direct line to someone familiar with your farm's specifics. This personalised attention ensures that your queries or issues are addressed with a thorough understanding of your operation. For instance, if you encounter challenges in interpreting pasture growth data, your account manager is just a call or an email away to provide the necessary guidance.

Multiple Channels of Communication:

With the option to reach out via phone, email, or in-app, ensures that support is accessible in the manner most convenient for you. Whether you prefer a quick phone call or a detailed email, having multiple channels of communication enhances the support experience.

Instructional Videos:

The availability of detailed instructional videos is akin to having a tutor on standby. These videos can guide you through the various features of the platform, ensuring you can make the most of the tools available. For instance, if a new feature is rolled out, an instructional video can provide a step-by-step walkthrough on how to utilise it effectively.

Automation Focus:'s emphasis on automation is about giving you back your time. By automating tasks such as pasture readings and grazing planning, the platform frees up your time for other critical aspects of farm management. This automation, driven by accurate data, also aims at enhancing decision-making, ensuring your actions are informed and timely.

Pasture Pro:


Simplicity in design and functionality reduces the learning curve and ensures you can quickly adapt to using Pasture Pro. A straightforward interface means less time figuring out how to navigate the system and more time utilising the tools to improve your farming operations.

Offline Functionality:

In the often remote and connectivity-challenged farm environments, having a platform that functions offline is invaluable. Pasture Pro's offline functionality ensures that your data and tools are accessible even in the absence of internet connectivity. This means you can make critical decisions or log important data on the go, irrespective of your location on the farm.

Unlimited User Support:

The offering of unlimited user support signifies a commitment to ensuring you have the help you need, whenever you need it. This could be crucial during busy seasons or in times of crisis when prompt support can significantly impact the outcome.


In conclusion, both and Pasture Pro present strong support and usability features. excels in providing personalised support and a focus on automation to save you time, while Pasture Pro stands out with its simplicity, offline functionality, and unlimited user support. Your choice between the two may hinge on your farm’s connectivity, your preference for personalised support, and the level of automation you desire in managing your farm operations.

Farmer Testimonials and Recognition:

Awards and Recognition: has been acknowledged by various awards which reflect its innovative approach and effectiveness in pasture management. Awards are a testament to a platform's commitment to excellence and its potential to add value to your farming operations. They indicate a level of trust and validation from the agricultural community and beyond.

Global Trust:

Being trusted by farmers and leading institutions worldwide is no small feat. This global trust underscores’s ability to cater to diverse farming needs across different geographical and climatic conditions. It reflects a level of adaptability and effectiveness that is crucial in the ever-evolving world of agriculture.

Game-changing Testimonials:

User testimonials provide a glimpse into the real-world impact of Farmers who describe the platform as a game-changer highlight its transformative effect on their farming operations. For instance, the mention of significant financial gains and the ease of decision-making reflect the tangible benefits you could experience.

Specific Testimonials:

Farmers from various parts of the world have provided testimonials underscoring the platform's value. For instance, a farmer from Tasmania, Australia, mentioned a substantial increase in yearly earnings, attributing it to the precise decisions enabled by Another from South Island, New Zealand, emphasised the unique capabilities of in comparison to other programs. Such testimonials provide a real-world validation of the platform's effectiveness and the potential benefits it could bring to your farm.

Pasture Pro:

Limited Information:

The lack of readily available user testimonials or recognitions for Pasture Pro may make it a bit challenging to gauge the platform's impact and user satisfaction. User testimonials are valuable as they provide insights from individuals who have interacted with the platform in real-world scenarios. The absence of this information necessitates a deeper individual analysis to understand the platform’s potential benefits and suitability for your farming operations.

Direct Engagement:

In the absence of user testimonials or recognitions, engaging with the Pasture Pro team or requesting references from current users could provide the insights you seek. It’s a good practice to seek firsthand feedback from other farmers who have used the platform to understand its usability and effectiveness in a practical setting.


In summary, boasts a solid track record of recognition and positive user testimonials, providing a level of assurance in its capabilities and benefits. On the other hand, the limited information on user testimonials and recognitions for Pasture Pro necessitates a more hands-on approach to evaluating its fit for your farming operations. Your decision might hinge on the level of validation and community endorsement you seek in a platform to support your farming practices.


Both platforms provide robust tools for managing agricultural operations. However, seems to lean more towards automated pasture management and decision support using advanced technology like AI and machine learning, while Pasture Pro offers a broader suite of features including financial management, task management, and rural security alongside livestock and pasture management. Your choice might hinge on the specific needs of your operations and the extent to which you value automation and data-driven decision-making versus a more traditional, hands-on approach to ranch management.

Until we meet again, Happy Grazing!

- The Dedicated Team of, 2023-09-19