Summary: and Aimer Vision offer unique approaches to pasture management. Aimer Vision enables on-site pasture measurement via smartphone cameras, showcased in Waikato, while employs near-daily satellite flyovers for a broader and more accurate analysis, applicable globally.'s method saves time, provides comprehensive pasture understanding, and supports informed grazing decisions irrespective of geographical location.


In the modern agricultural sector, leveraging technology to optimise pasture management is imperative. Two platforms, Aimer Farming and, stand out in providing innovative solutions to farmers. While both platforms aim at enhancing pasture management, their approach and features vary significantly. This article delves into a comparative analysis of Aimer Farming and, shedding light on their services to help farmers make an informed choice.

In the realm of agricultural technology, staying ahead is synonymous with delivering value. Aimer Farming envisions becoming the world's most advanced and user-friendly pastoral farming digital coach. On the flip side, Pio is already a step ahead, boasting the title of the world's most advanced pasture measurement and grazing management system, enriched with Pio the AI Farm Consultant at its core.

Now, let's delve deeper into how these platforms shape the future of farming, bringing you closer to achieving your agrarian dreams.

Service Comparison

In understanding the diverse offerings by Aimer Farming and in pasture management, it's crucial to delve into the core functionalities and benefits they bring to the table. Both have carved out distinct approaches to pasture cover measurements and grazing plans. By dissecting these approaches, you'll gain a clearer perspective on which solution might align better with your farm's operations and long-term goals.

Pasture Cover Measurements:

Aimer Farming:

  • Interactive Measurement: Through its Aimer Vision feature, Aimer Farming provides an interactive means of measuring pasture cover. Utilising a visual wizard on smartphones, it simplifies the measurement process, making it user-friendly especially for individuals who may prefer a hands-on approach.

  • Real-Time Analysis: Given that it's smartphone-based, the data collection and analysis could be near real-time, enabling quick decision-making on the ground.

  • Automated Readings: Unlike Aimer Farming, leans towards automation by leveraging near-daily satellite flyovers combined with local weather updates. This minimises the manual intervention required to gauge pasture cover.

  • Enhanced Accuracy: By employing machine learning and neural networks, the accuracy and predictive capabilities of the pasture readings are enhanced. Over time, the system gets better at understanding the specific characteristics of your pasture.

  • Enter Pio, Your AI Farm Consultant: Pio acts as a virtual consultant, guiding you through the data, offering insights that can help optimise your pasture management practices.

Grazing Plans:

Aimer Farming:

  • Automated Planning: Aimer Farming steps up by automatically generating and tuning grazing and supplement allocation plans for each mob on the farm. This automation streamlines the planning process, saving time and ensuring each mob gets the appropriate attention.

  • Individualised Attention: The capability to tailor plans for each mob allows for a more nuanced management approach, taking into account the unique needs and conditions of different livestock groups.

  • Weekly and Forecasted Grazing Planning: assists in sketching out the grazing plans for the week, aiding in optimising stocking rates to ensure a balanced utilisation of the available pasture.

  • Ration Builder: The platform goes a step further with a fully-fledged ration builder that juxtaposes herd nutritional requirements against the pasture and feedstuff nutrition supplied. This holistic approach ensures not only the efficient use of pasture but also the health and productivity of the herd.

  • Informed Decision Making: By providing a comprehensive view of both pasture conditions and herd nutritional needs, empowers you to make well-informed grazing decisions which in turn, plays a pivotal role in achieving operational efficiency and sustainability on your farm.

In conclusion, the choice between Aimer Farming and hinges on your farm's individual needs, the level of automation you're comfortable with, and the depth of insight you require into pasture management and grazing planning. While Aimer Farming provides a more interactive, hands-on approach, offers a more automated, data-driven, and comprehensive solution to pasture management and grazing planning.

Unique Features

The agricultural technology landscape is rapidly evolving with myriad features being offered by platforms like Aimer Farming and These features are designed to simplify, automate, and optimise various aspects of farm management. Here’s a deeper look into some of the unique features from both platforms:

Aimer Farming:

Part Farm Pasture Walks:

  • This feature facilitates partial farm walks during busy periods, essentially saving you time. While this is a valuable feature, it's worth noting that has been offering this feature for years, even in their free app. The ability to conduct partial farm walks enables you to gather necessary data without investing time in covering the entire farm, especially during peak operational hours.

Pastoral Farming Digital Coach:

  • Aimer Farming’s pastoral farming digital coach acts as a virtual assistant and coach for farm staff, irrespective of their experience level. This feature is akin to’s Pio, Your AI Farm Consultant. Both are designed to provide guidance, insights, and support in managing the farm more efficiently. The digital coach can be a boon especially for new staff, helping them come up to speed with the farm’s operations swiftly.

GPS Animal Tracking and Auto Grazer:

  • ups the ante with the GPS Animal Tracking feature which is facilitated through GPS Tracker collars. This feature dovetails into the Auto Grazer functionality, which automates grazing management. The integration of animal tracking with automated grazing allows for better pasture utilisation and ensures that grazing is managed optimally without overburdening your resources.

Dynamic Predictive Feed Wedge:

  • This feature provides interactive tools for monitoring and predicting the feed wedge. It becomes instrumental in making informed decisions regarding grazing and feed allocation. With the aid of many calculators, you can tailor your grazing plans based on reliable predictions, ensuring that your livestock receives adequate nutrition while maintaining pasture sustainability.

Pio, Your AI Farm Consultant:

  • Pio is integrated alongside your farm paddock records and various activities such as grazing and harvest events, fertiliser and spraying applications, plantings, task management, dynamic and customisable lists, map overlays, feedstuff, and silo inventories, etc. This level of integration provides a holistic view and control over your farm’s operations. Pio, acting as a virtual consultant, guides you through these diverse data points, helping you make well-informed decisions, track activities, and manage tasks efficiently.

These features underscore a concerted effort to blend technology with traditional farming practices, making farm management more efficient, data-driven, and less time-consuming. While Aimer Farming focuses on interactive coaching and simplified data collection, leans towards automation, comprehensive data integration, and predictive analytics. Your choice between these platforms would largely depend on your farm’s unique needs, the scale of operations, and your comfort level with technology.

User Support

In the modern farming landscape, robust user support is paramount for ensuring you can maximise the benefits of the technology at your disposal. The support structures provided by Aimer Farming and are tailored to ease the transition from traditional methods to a more technologically driven approach in managing your farm. Let's delve into the user support offered by both platforms:

Aimer Farming:

Farm Setup Service:

  • Transitioning to a new platform can initially seem daunting; however, Aimer Farming alleviates this challenge by offering a setup service. This service is designed to seamlessly transition your current spreadsheet-based planning system to Aimer Farming's more interactive, AI-driven solution. The setup service could likely include data migration, initial configuration, and basic training to ensure you and your team are comfortable with the new system.

  • The goal is to replace the static, manual nature of spreadsheet-based planning with a dynamic, AI-driven interface that not only saves time but provides more accurate and real-time insights into your farming operations. This transition aims to improve your decision-making process by providing a more intuitive and interactive platform.

Dedicated Account Managers:

  • Personalised support is a hallmark of's user support structure. With dedicated account managers, you have a go-to person for any queries, issues, or guidance you might require. This personalised attention ensures that your concerns are addressed promptly and effectively.

  • The accessibility of these account managers via phone, email, and in-app chat provides multiple channels through which you can seek assistance, making it convenient and flexible.

Instructional Videos and Self-Help Explainer Articles:

  • To foster self-sufficiency and a better understanding of the platform, provides a suite of instructional videos and self-help explainer articles right within the app. These resources are designed to guide you through various features, functionalities, and best practices.

  • The visual nature of instructional videos can particularly help in understanding complex features by breaking them down into manageable steps. On the other hand, explainer articles provide a quick reference for common queries and procedures.

In-App Farming Guidance:

  • The in-app chat is not just a channel for reaching out to your account manager but also a gateway to a repository of knowledge. With real-time chat support, you can receive instant guidance while navigating the app, making your experience smoother.

These user support structures highlight the commitment of Aimer Farming and to ensuring that your transition to their platforms is smooth, and your ongoing experience is enriched with the necessary support and resources. While Aimer Farming focuses on a hands-on setup service to get you started, offers a blend of personalised support and self-service resources to empower you in managing your farm efficiently.

Aimer Vision vs

The comparative exploration of Aimer Vision and elucidates the contrasting methodologies employed by these platforms in facilitating pasture management. Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

Aimer Vision:

Localised Farming Innovation:

  • Aimer Farming's recent launch of Aimer Vision in Waikato underscores their technological advancement in making pasture measurement more accessible. Utilising smartphone cameras, Aimer Vision provides a tangible, user-friendly method for measuring pasture cover, which is particularly beneficial during on-the-go farm walks. This innovation resonates with a hands-on approach to pasture management.

Accessible Agricultural Technology:

  • The application of smartphone technology demystifies pasture measurement, making it more accessible to a broad spectrum of farmers. By leveraging a device that's already in your pocket, Aimer Vision reduces the entry barrier to adopting technology in pasture management. However, this innovation is currently showcased in Waikato, which may pose limitations on its applicability across wider geographical scopes.

Interactive Farmer Engagement:

  • The interactive nature of Aimer Vision promotes engagement with the pasture measurement process. This interaction can provide a sense of control and immediate insight into pasture conditions, which is crucial for timely decision-making, especially during critical farming periods.

Global Farming Community:

  • Unlike the localised focus of Aimer Vision,’s approach transcends geographical boundaries. Utilising near-daily satellite flyovers, offers a broader, more holistic view of pasture conditions not just in Waikato, or New Zealand, but globally. This global reach is particularly advantageous if you operate farms across different regions, allowing for a consolidated view of pasture conditions across all your farming operations.

Comprehensive Paddock Analysis:

  • The satellite-based methodology provides a thorough analysis of dry matter across every square metre of your paddocks. This comprehensive coverage ensures a more accurate representation of pasture conditions, which is instrumental in making informed grazing decisions. Moreover, the frequency of satellite flyovers means you have near real-time data at your disposal, enabling timely interventions when necessary.

No On-Site Farm Visits Required:

  • The automation and remote sensing capabilities of eliminate the need for on-site farm visits for pasture measurement. This not only saves time but also resources that could be channelled to other critical farm activities. Moreover, it provides a consistent data collection method unaffected by on-ground conditions.

Informed Grazing Decisions:

  • goes beyond mere measurement; it provides a platform for understanding the broader pasture dynamics, which is pivotal in planning grazing schedules. With accurate data on pasture conditions, you’re better placed to make grazing decisions that optimise pasture utilisation while ensuring the nutritional needs of your livestock are met.

In conclusion, the choice between Aimer Vision and largely hinges on your specific needs, geographical location, and the scale of your operations. While Aimer Vision brings a more interactive and accessible approach to pasture measurement, offers a broader, data-driven, and automated solution that caters to a global farming audience. Your quest for more informed grazing decisions would be well-served by considering the comparative advantages of these innovative platforms.


In the realm of pasture management, the innovation embodied by significantly stands out. By harnessing near-daily satellite flyovers, it transcends geographical limitations, offering a global, comprehensive insight into pasture conditions. Unlike Aimer Vision's localized, hands-on approach, automates pasture measurements, saving precious time and resources, while providing a wealth of data essential for making well-informed grazing decisions. The platform not only measures but empowers you with a deeper understanding of your pasture dynamics no matter where your farm is located. In an era where data-driven decisions are paramount, embracing the expansive, automated, and insightful pasture analysis provided by could well be the stepping stone to elevating your grazing management to a global, technologically advanced plane.

Until we meet again, Happy Farming!

- The Dedicated Team of, 2023-09-17