Robin Hill is owned and operated by the Roberts family who live and dairy farm in the Flowerdale Valley on the North West Coast of Tasmania. This is where was born. Their main enterprise is dairy farming, with a growing interest in raising their own bobby calves. The Roberts family also own and operate Redbreast Plants a large propagator of native plants and exlusive needs in Tas. Furthermore, they own the Lobster Ponds Haven & Cafe, which offers a unique experience to view and learn about the endangered Giant Freshwater Crayfish that are endemic to northern Tasmanian rivers.

LocationFlowerdale, Tasmania, Australia enabled?Yes
SmartFarm Learning Hub Enabled?Yes
PastureLatest 7 DaysPrevious 7 Days
Latest Farm Walk Date2023-12-04
Target Avg Cover (KgDM/ha)2300
Average Pasture Cover (KgDM/ha)25082470
Target Pre Grazing Cover (KgDM/ha)3000
Average Pre Grazing Cover (KgDM/ha)27172924
Target Post Grazing Residual (KgDM/ha)1700
Average Post Grazing Residual (KgDM/ha)10951136
Pasture Growth Rate (KgDM/ha.d)50.049.8
Pasture Growth Rate Demand (KgDM/
Time since last grazed (days)3749
Pasture Intake per Animal (KgDM/
HerdLatest 7 DaysPrevious 7 Days
Utilisable Milking Area (ha)117.0117.0
Stocking Rate (cows/ha)3.25
Milk Production
Peak L/cow.day33.0
7 day L/cow.day26.0
Fat %3.90
Protein %3.40
Protein:Fat Ratio0.87
Nerd Nutritional Requirements
Target Ration Intake (KgDM/
Additional Energy (MJME/
Gestation Energy (MJME/
Weight Change Energy (MJME/
NDF for determining gut fill (%)1.2
Target dietary starch (%)15.0

Robin Hill Pty Ltd

Robin Hill is a leading dairy operation that utilises agtech for driving efficiency, sustainability and profit. Their dairy farming enterprise is characterised by the following:

Pasture & Feed

Pasture based & grain ~2.1t/cow
Irrigated milking platform
18-20 tDM of pasture grown per ha
Irrigated fodder support property
Dryland replacement stock properties

Milk Production

9,000 l/cow or 660 KgMS/cow
2x a day milking 365 days of the year
Cups on 5am / 3pm


Predominantly Holstein/Fresian herd
Split calving (spring & autumn)
Raise all calves including heifers & steers
Artificial insemination only, no bull breeding