The food chain begins behind the farm gate on your farm. Your admirable farm is where we have a moral duty in providing a service that is free to use. Not only that, a service where we provide you with free support at the touch of a button within the app so you can make the best out of the program. We are also offering to deliver a free digital and PDF map that you can print out at any desirable size. Furthermore, farmers such as yourself rely on consultants for all sorts of advice. The free plan now allows you to add your farm consultant to your account at

Free Plan Subscription

This plan is our most generous offering yet, and in times of uncertainty, it is bound to help you get on top of your digital farm management. The free plan includes most of everything that is in the paid plans. It is a great way to get some peace of mind that your paddock records are secure and backed up.

Such paddock records are fertiliser, planting, spraying and harvesting activities. All of which allow you to enter as much or as little detail as you like.

Furthermore, if you measure your pasture covers with a rising plate meter or another tool such as a CDax pasture meter, then you can easily input or import these numbers into your account for making grazing decisions. And for assessing paddock performance based on pasture growth rates, and paddock readings.

Free Farm Setup

COVID-19 hit quickly, and it seems only yesterday that everything was normal and then the media started reporting on exponential curves of confirmed cases. We want to act as quickly and make your signup easy, no matter if you are a paying customer or a free subscriber.

All you need to do is sign up to the free account and send us your digital farm map files, or an identified paddock PDF that we can then draw into the program. Once completed, you'll have your farm management program securely recording your paddock activities and helping you make the best on-farm decisions. Not only that, but social distancing between co-workers becomes more manageable, as communication can start to happen online within the app.

From there and on your request, we can provide a new PDF map that is identified by each paddock name. You can use this to print as whiteboard size or perhaps email to employees when explaining where to complete tasks. Keeping everyone in the loop while practising #socialdistancing on-farm has never been easier with the digital technology we carry around with us.

Free In-App Chat Support

We know how frustrating it is to be trying to complete something, or figuring out how to do something and all you want is just a little help. Well, we've opened up the in-app chat for the free subscription, and your queries will be treated in the priority list much the same as our paying customers. This move doesn't mean a degraded chat for everyone, not at all. We've beefed up the chat experience so we're more responsive than ever before and we like to think we're starting a new wave for those who wish to self-help too.

When in the app, ask us a question, or leave some feedback, and we'll be sure to respond promptly. If there is anything we can do to make your farm system hum, we'll endeavour to help you succeed.

Free Consultant Link Account

We know farm consultants around the world are doing it tough. We also understand the integral part they play in agriculture and to your farm business. This decision was a no brainer for us, as consultants need to be able to access your account. Access to your farm account will always be at your discretion, and no information leaves your account.

This decision will not only help to keep consultants in the business. It will help you get the help you need not reactively, but proactively. Let me explain. We like to think that we're pushing the envelope when it comes to consultants giving you value by actively seeing the future with their crystal balls, instead of turning up on farm every two months and telling you where you've gone wrong. They can now zoom into your farm and see things that you may have missed, get a plan together, and present you with something that may save or better still make you thousands of dollars.

By providing these services for free, we hope that you can communicate effectively with employees, contractors, consultants and other talented people on or off your farm while reducing contact. #socialdistancing is how we're conquering COVID-19 together. We plan on being here, all the way to support you in modifying your practices to stop the spread.

Furthermore, this is our proactive response for the future, where we as humans find time to internalise our existance by coming together to make a better place for many generations to come. We believe we can all contribute to the health of society, the environment and the economy by taking advantage of technology and pushing the envelope in this direction by enabling all farmers to get on board.

You can signup to your free plan here . We'll only be so happy to oblige.

We wish you the best health, safety and happiness.

The entire team at

- Ollie Roberts, 25 March 2020