Article Summary: We are delighted to share a moment of pride with you: has clinched the top spot in the Advanced Technologies category at the 2023 Tasmanian Export Awards! This recognition reinforces our commitment to pushing the boundaries of agricultural technology. In short, this is a testament to agricultural innovation at a grassroots level and the betterment of precision farming for farm operations everywhere!

We are delighted to share that has clinched the top spot in the Advanced Technologies category at the 2023 Tasmanian Export Awards! This recognition reinforces our commitment to pushing the boundaries of agricultural technology. In short, this is a testament to agricultural innovation at a grassroots level and the betterment of precision farming for farm operations everywhere!

And at a company level, our commitment remains steadfast. is dedicated to maintaining our leadership position in agricultural technology by prioritising the development of features that directly cater to the ever-evolving needs of farmers. This acknowledgment serves as a catalyst, reinforcing our unwavering dedication to delivering practical and innovative solutions that streamline farming operations and elevate overall productivity.

What are the Tasmanian Export Awards?

The Tasmanian Export Awards are a recognition platform that celebrates the achievements of businesses engaged in international trade within the Tasmanian region. These awards acknowledge excellence in various categories, such as Advanced Technologies, Agribusiness, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Small Business, and Sustainability. Businesses are evaluated based on criteria such as export growth, market diversification, innovation, and sustainability practices. Winning these awards provides businesses with increased visibility, credibility, and potential access to additional resources. The Tasmanian Export Awards also serve as qualifiers for national-level competitions, showcasing outstanding contributions to the state's export industry. 

And that’s where has its sights on next!

Why did win the Advanced Technologies category?

Leadership in Agricultural Technology

In the Advanced Technologies category, has further cemented its position as a leader in agricultural innovation. This acknowledgment reflects our dedication to delivering solutions that redefine pasture management and livestock performance.

Global Impact with Local Expertise's success is not just a result of technological prowess; it is rooted in our team's deep understanding of agriculture. Hailing from diverse agricultural backgrounds, our experts bring unique perspectives, ensuring that remains at the forefront of global agricultural technology.

And because is leading the way in Aussie agtech

Take a look at how we’re innovating as a Tasmanian-based business servicing farmers worldwide with our agtech app, Pio:

Post-Grazing Residuals and Leaf Emergence Rate

Gauge if you've met your target post-grazing residuals and understand your leaf emergence rate, providing crucial insights for adaptive paddock and grazing strategy decisions.

Real-time Data Collection for Smart Adaptations

Harness the power of real-time data collection; the more you use the app, the smarter it becomes. Automate pasture cover estimates, eliminating the need for manual counting and guesswork. Receive measurements while you're actively engaged in farming.

Intelligent Grazing Decisions

Determine where to graze and when irrespective of weather conditions or time of day. Leverage paddock boundaries to generate high-resolution weather maps and spatial information, enhancing the app's AI models to discern nuances across different paddocks.

Precision Pasture Growth Monitoring

Monitor the rate of pasture growth in real-time, allowing data comparison and providing a comprehensive understanding of on-the-ground conditions.

Feed Allocation and Herd Management

Set feed allocation targets and manage supplements efficiently. Understand your herd's feeding requirements, adhere to budgets, and ensure optimal health and condition through precise dietary management.

Comprehensive Farm Insights

Gain a comprehensive overview of your farmland and herd with daily satellite flyovers and weather updates. Access your farm's live map remotely from anywhere, enabling efficient remote farming without being tethered to the ground.

Optimised Farm Performance

Harness pasture insights to make informed decisions that maximise profits with minimal manual labour—Prioritise quality improvement, delivering optimal results consistently, akin to Total Quality Management for Farming.

Effortless Delegation and Improved Records

Delegate tasks seamlessly to your team and enhance farm records, contributing to algorithm refinement. The more you use the app, the more precise and efficient your decision-making becomes.

The next step is the Australian Export Awards

The Tasmanian Export Awards and our subsequent entry into the Australian Export Awards underscore the importance of recognising excellence in the export industry. For, this acknowledgment is more than a win; it's a validation of our commitment to providing exceptional services that empower farmers worldwide.

And we can’t wait to share more with you soon when nominees and winners are announced!

Thank you to our farming friends and customers.

Your support has been instrumental in the journey, in the spirit of innovation and excellence driving advancements in agricultural technology, so from the entire team here: Thank you! continues to lead the way in agtech and farming innovations for farmers in Australia and across the globe.'s award win at the Tasmanian Export Awards is a win for us and the entire farming community. As we move forward, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries and contributing to the evolution of agriculture in 2024 and beyond. We are continually working on improvements and additional features and advocating for the use of agtech in sustainable and precision farming. And our farmers are never far from our thinking; it’s you we want to continually support, surprise and delight with innovative ways to make your farming lives easier and more successful.

As we celebrate this achievement, our focus remains unwavering. will continue to lead in agricultural technology, prioritising features that directly address the evolving needs of farmers. This recognition fuels our dedication to delivering practical, innovative solutions that simplify farming operations and enhance productivity.

Watch this space for more exciting news in 2024.

If you’re thinking of improving the way you farm, giving yourself more time to focus on the important things while you have greater visibility, accuracy and decision-making powers on your farm, please contact us today! Our incredible team of farming technology experts are always available to chat with you about your needs and what can do for you.

Thank you for being part of our journey!

Until we meet again, Happy Farming!

- The Dedicated Team of, 2024-01-11