Article Summary: As farming technologies advance, widespread adoption promises a future in which agriculture is productive, environmentally responsible, and economically viable. New products enter our sphere daily, and satellite tech contributes to economic benefits, cost savings, and enhanced food security, propelling global agriculture into a more productive and environmentally conscious era. The transition to new grassland farming is a transformative journey shaping the landscape of modern agriculture practices. It can benefit you, too, as a farmer in the modern age. Discover how satellite-enabled technology, powered by cutting-edge AI algorithms, is growing and how it is reshaping the agricultural landscape.

Satellites orbiting way up in space are now flipping the script on how we do farming.

Curious much?

Satellite-based agritech continues to evolve, and even now, new technology has just emerged to expedite efficiency in grassland farming. Several new products are entering the market, using satellite observations and data to revolutionise and support traditional agricultural practices. 

These technologies are providing practical insights into cultivation methods by employing satellites and space-based technologies. They’re also enhancing efficiency and bringing significant change in the evolution and quality of farming. And we reckon it’s a ‘watch this space’ moment.

Here’s what some of the newest satellite-based tech is capable of and how it might make your farming life easier.

What is the connection between space and farming? 

Space and farming have a special connection and bond to modify your agricultural business. Cutting-edge AI algorithms are enabling grassland farmers to now measure the size of crops or grass from space, reducing workloads and the amount of labour-intensive agriculture. 

This alliance between agriculture and space is beginning to promote a progressive approach to address multiple challenges. AI and satellite data can assist in disaster management, atmospheric monitoring, urban planning, and agricultural development.

The technology at play

With satellite-based agtech as the new farming frontier, a swathe of innovative technology is beginning to emerge, working as an eagle's eye in the sky to monitor earth observation data while using generative AI algorithms to provide cloud-free data intelligence and imagery of your farming land. Satellite data is proving to be a more reliable source of measurement for your different agricultural applications than drones, for example. Here's how it works:

  • Technology can now collect radar images from the European Space Agency's Sentinel-1 satellites that can penetrate clouds. 

  • Then, artificial intelligence algorithms convert these radar images into optical images for better interpretation.

  • “Ground truth" data on actual grass heights, when matched with satellite data and radical backend engineering, can train and fine-tune the algorithm. 

  • Rising plate meter tools can now measure the height and quantity of grass in a paddock and convert the results into kilograms of dry matter per hectare. 

  • This conversion enables specific agtech applications to convert satellite-derived grassland images into actionable data, especially in areas lacking direct measurement capabilities.

  • Some AI solutions use this technology to measure the accuracy of grass from around 700 kilometres up in space. 

  • This technology also monitors all the stages and changes your grass is going through. As a grassland farmer, measuring the grass remotely from any part of the world would significantly benefit you and grass management. It will also reduce labour by several hours per week and save on yearly management costs.

How has it been rolled out?

The rollout of this new farming technology, first launched in Ireland, getting earth observation satellite data and utilising AI, is a breakthrough. What would be better than monitoring your grass directly up from the space? The idea is to help you make improved decisions and sustainable practices and earn profitability. 

  • The sophisticated cameras and sensors of these satellites can detect multiple light wavelengths. 

  •  You can have a comprehensive view of these satellites of vast farmland, which is challenging to achieve with ground-based approaches.

  • That's not all; this technology is planned to extend its reach globally and be applied in different countries and climates. 

  • Far from the current grass height measurement, the collaboration of the developers aims to provide further products. 

  • These products will promote profitable and sustainable farming practices on a worldwide scale.

What is the impact of satellite-enabled grassland farming globally? 

Satellite-enabled agriculture for grassland holds a strong impact and position in transforming the agricultural sector globally. Applying these advanced technologies will make you more productive and can apply far-reaching implications. 

Increased productivity and profitability:

Integrating AI and satellite data provides a powerful tool for you to enhance crop yields in every aspect. You can optimise the utilisation of resources, make informed decisions, and ultimately boost farming with grass height measurement.

Sustainable practices globally:

Satellite-enabled farming has a significant role in promoting and growing sustainable agricultural practices worldwide. This technology addresses the importance of environmentally conscious farming practices by contributing to a more eco-friendly approach to farming. 

Cost savings and increased efficiency: 

These technologies have effectively controlled cost savings and increased operational efficiency by providing grassland farmers with real-time insights and data. This is a gateway for precise resource management optimising pesticides, fertilisers, and water use. This method helps you reduce unnecessary expenses. The result is more streamlined, which saves you both money and time for agricultural practices.

Satellite-enabled grassland farming represents a paradigm shift towards global precision agriculture

This innovative approach means a watershed moment in sustainable farming practices, with the potential for increased efficiency, economic benefits, and food security. 

How is leading the way in satellite technology for global agriculture:

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Until we meet again, Happy Farming!

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