From the Rural Finance website:

Only one grant will be offered per farm business (ABN). To be eligible for assistance under this Scheme, applicants must meet all of the following criteria:
Be a Victorian based commercial farm business with an average annual primary production turnover of $50,000 or more
Be a farm business focused on ‘Primary Production’ as defined in the Program Guidelines
Hold an Australian Business Number (ABN) that is registered for GST
Be a legal entity registered as a sole trader, trust or private company
Install the project/s on agricultural land that you own, lease or share farm in Victoria

Graze Smarter with

Nutrition focused

Animal health and performance focused

Nutrition-based grazings and supplementary feedstuff planning

Intake targets per-animal per-herd

Milk readings

Vehicle tracking

Asset monitoring and tracking

Vehicle tracking for security and staff safety

LoRaWAN / LPWAN installed by our animal and vehicle tracking partners includes extra communication endpoints

Farm dashboard

Data visualisation / dashboards

View your data how you want: map, tables, charts or calendars.

Reports for the overall farm dashboard or filterable by paddock criteria.

Farm overview with pasture cover, growth rate, leaf emergence records and forecasts

Filter paddocks

Farm management platform is your decision support tool

Per-paddock activities: fertilisations, grazings, harvests, plantings, sprayings...

Full paddock history: cover, growth rate and every single activity and note

Satellite overlays

Satellite imagery and mapping

We can import your existing map files or help you map per-paddock.

200+ satellites fly over your farm every single day for your best chance of up-to-date imagery

Apply the most recent satellite image overlays to your map for your own use

Top-tier plans have access to historic satellite imagery

Each satellite image is analysed by our Machine Learning environment to provide you up-to-date and consistent readings.

Live satellite tracking

Animal tracking

Smart collars and tags

Animal tracking at least every hour

Heatmaps overlaid on your farm map

See an animated history of any single animal's movements for today

Automatic grazing record keeping based on your animal's locations

Field sensors

Soil, pasture and plant monitoring

Third-party integrations with sensors provide you with up-to-date soil moisture readings

Per-paddock pasture cover and growth rate projections even on cloudy days

Visual indicators

Traceability and provenance

Spraying and fertilisation records with extra auditable information fields

Keep track of your withhold periods with visual indicators to prevent early grazings

Everything is exportable into different formats: Excel, CSV, PDF, printable

Weather component

Weather monitoring and forecasting

Current weather conditions

Weather radar included for your farm

Two weeks of forecasting

We ticked a lot of boxes on the Digital Agriculture Investment Scheme Application Form!

Eligible Project Areas

Animal health and performance
Asset monitoring and tracking
On-farm connectivity and networks (e.g. LoRaWAN / LPWAN / wireless mesh)
Crop forecasting and prediction
Data visualisation / dashboards
Digital technology that helps manage genomics and plant/animal selection
Drones (excluding drone license fees)
Farm management platforms (including subscription costs if paid upfront)
Feed solutions
GPS guidance systems for tractors, sprayers, harvesters (can be retrofitted)
Satellite imagery and mapping
Pest, weed and disease management
Robotics and smart machinery / automation
Sensors (e.g. water troughs, fuel tanks)
Smart collars and tags
Smart irrigation and water management
Soil, pature and plant monitoring
Traceability and provenance
Weather monitoring and forecasting

Pricing and Plans

* Prices in AUD & plans are annual contracts

Premium Plus

$8 per hectare

  • Satellites (premium)
    up to daily flyovers
    high pixel resolution
  • Pasture Measurements
    growth rates + covers
    leaf appearance
    daily forecasts
  • Machine Learning
    satellite + climate + paddock
  • Integrations
    Outpost Central (wildeye)
  • Phone and Tablet Access
    dedicated account manager
    built in screen-share


$11 per hectare

  • Everything in Premium Plus and:
  • Developments & AnalysisPOA
  • API access for custom integrations
  • Custom User Permissions
  • Management Zones
  • Variable Rate Maps(coming)
  • Enterprise Cloud
  • Enterprise Support
  • *For more info. contact us.

Custom Plans

  • Payment Plans
    Biannual, Quarterly, Monthly
  • Satellite Image Only Plans
    Up to daily or weekly
  • Satellite Measurement Plans
    Up to daily or weekly

Optional Extras

Multi-year accounts at a discounted rate
Smart collars and tags for animal tracking and automatic grazing records
LoRaWAN / LPWAN installed by our animal and vehicle tracking partners
Custom software extension development and integrations
Importing any and all of your existing records for you
Consultant account access

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